Welcome! My name is Kate Conway and I am a life-long resident of Cape Cod, with family roots that run deep in Bay State history. With a true passion for the Cape and South Shore, I love uncovering the unique personalities of each village and town, and the spectacular array of art, theater, and dining each offers.

Bringing this seaside existence to life in literary form led to me becoming a professional writer more than 20 years ago, penning countless articles about the Cape and Islands along with six YA novels about the coastline I adore. I continue to be an active novelist and conference speaker, but I’m also lead marketing director and graphic designer for Wicked Whale Publishing.

You may wonder why I mention any of these careers in relation to being a Realtor at Keller Williams Cape Cod & the Islands. Simple: marketing and writing require a fine attention to detail, an acute ability to listen and convey information, and an understanding of the buying audience you are selling to.

Selling a house is selling a story – an idea and a possibility for a new path and new future. House hunting is also the same – can you see yourself here? Do you feel the space and the place and are you already writing the next chapter of your life story? My job as a real estate agent is to protect your interests and be your defender.  My job is to listen to your hopes and dreams and attempt to make them come true for you.

I bring my enthusiasm, knowledge, humor, and energy to each of my clients, helping them navigate all aspects of the real estate process while guarding their best interests. It’s my goal is to see that each and every one of my clients is able to follow his or her dreams and successfully write the next chapter of their lives, whether as home sellers or home buyers.

This is your journey. Where to next?